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My Playtime Stories
6 most recent entries

Date:2005-09-24 09:40
Subject:Hey fellas!

Hey everyone how are you? Me I have been so busy with school and being naughty.

I am feeling so horny today and I just can't keep my fingers out of my panties. Want to help me out?

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Date:2005-09-01 17:51
Subject:Hot Hot Hot

It is so hot here!! When will winter be here? I can't wait to wear my tight fitting jeans to class. Woohoo have a camel toe. Surely you all know what that is.

I love my sissy boys! I just love dressing them up. I bought some new panties and I know they would look cute modeling them around for my friends. Want me to dress you up? Call me and let's play!! I will tell you all about my sexy panties.

Would you like to vote for the site I am on? If so Click Here & Thank you!

If you want to call and play with me click here for my info!

!!TWICE the FUCK 4 HALF the BUCK!! Purchase 15 minutes receive 15 minutes FREE! Must mention special when calling! Select girls only!

Will be waiting to hear from you.

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Date:2005-08-25 08:53
Subject:Wonderful calls :)
Mood: horny :)

Dear Diary, :)
I had two wonderful calls yesterday! The first one was with RS .. I get to dress him up in a pair of my pink panties Aren't they the cutest. I love lace panties. Then I dressed him up in a matching bra and slip. Put lipstick on his lips and made him look just like a slut and we went looking for cock together. It was so much fun!

Then there was WC.. He made my kitty purr so much I had to get a towel. Not a small one either *giggles*. He talked about the way he would eat my kitty while I sucked him off. One of my fav things to do.

So I am waiting to see who is going to make my kitty purr today. Oh Diary I want to cum so much. It feels good when my clit is throbbing. Can't wait to write about my next juicy call.
Kisses N Huggs,

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Date:2005-08-23 12:12
Mood: content

Another day of classes. So many guys .. I think I have fallen into heaven when I am on campus around all of them. Makes me want to be gangbanged but not sure by who or how many of them....

I am supposed to be studying but I am so horny and all I want to do is play with my wet punny. I couldn't get home fast enough today and get my panties off to play with myself. Laying on my bed with my legs wide open. The thing about it is I could keep playing and keep playing....

I am so glad we are doing these journals so I can tell you all my dirty thoughts. But if you want to hear more of them just call me:) I will be here and waiting.

Hugs N Kisses,

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Date:2005-08-22 13:08
Subject:MMMmmm What A Night
Mood: giddy

What a night.... I had two great calls. One that really made me wet. He had me exploading all over my sheets. I had to get a towel *giggles*!!

But today in class all I could think about was my calls and I was staring at my professor emagining him having me bent over his desk and my thong pulled to the side and banging my tight kitty. I was getting wet in class. I missed all the notes so now I have to get a hold of something and get the notes. I don't know what has got into me lately. I am such a horn cat. LOL

Want to play with my horny self? Call me right now we have a special..

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Hugs N Kisses,

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Date:2005-08-21 07:12
Subject:I am here!
Mood: chipper

Okay Jaclyn here I am.

I don't have much to write right now but Jaclyn said I needed to create a naughty diary so here it is.

I will be back at the end of the day to tell you all my naughty happenings for the day.

Giving Grace!

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